We are going to be positive about that

My parents went to the same school, it is a entirely  old prestigious school. They had a class together freshman year plus they have been together ever since. It has always been mine plus my parents dream for myself and others to go to this same school. It is pretty hard to get into, so I have been finally working entirely  hard plus I am gleeful to say that I got my letter of acceptance in the mail last week. My parents were so gleeful for myself and others plus I couldn’t wait to go off to school. I was ready to leave right then plus there. I knew that the campus was entirely old plus that meant it wouldn’t have the same kind of amenities as a newer school, and one thing my parents warned myself and others about was that the dorms didn’t have a Heating & A/C system. This meant that central A/C was not going to be a section of my everyday life anymore. I knew it would be an adjustment plus the dorm did have an A/C window unit, so I was trying to stay positive. When I got settled into my dorm, it was the middle of the Summer plus it was entirely  sizzling inside. I turned on my window unit, however it entirely didn’t do much to cool down my room. I hoped that as time went on I would get used to the lack of central A/C. For now I think I am going to have to go out plus buy a fan to get myself and others through the summer.

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