We are getting things done

I spend the holidays with my family in the north every single year.  Even once, I would like them to come to the south instead, Southern Winters are really nice. Our weather is not that cold and there is no snow. My ductless heating idea can handle the cold easily. My apartment can be toasty hot with no stress. My loft is sizable enough to host the family and I would like not spending a ton of money on traveling;

                  Every year I am compelled to come to the north, and the northern Winters are horrible. There is usually around 4 feet of snow and thick ice on the ground; I spend the whole holiday season driving in blizzards. The heating is never satisfactory either. I have adapted to more temperate weather, but the northern cold is just ridiculous. Last time it was -22 during Christmas. My mother turned her downstairs gas furnace on and she also had an upstairs electric heater. My father then dragged old section furnaces from the basement into the house. But even with all of these unusual heaters, I froze my butt off the whole time. It is cold inside the loft with heating. It is chilly outside in the snow, but getting in the car, even with the gas furnace on, is just plain horrible. I get to spend money for an expensive airline ticket, rental automobile in addition to presents to do this too.

                Holidays are just the worst ever, especially when you are in the north for a white Christmas. I might just ignore Christmas and New Years this time.

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