I got the warning

I was finally able to restabilize myself emotionally after the loss of my dear spouse. I ventured back out into society plus found another mate with whom to share my life! Consequently, having found someone who was willing plus able to put up with me plus all of who I am, I remarried; Almost immediately after doing so, my new spouse moved into my town house apartment with me.

                   After just a few days into our new living arrangements, my guy told me that he wanted to gift me–gift us–with an upgrade to the central heating plus cooling system! The feature that he had in mind was an automated one that would make our town house program capable of being automatic climate-controlled. An added advantage to our relationship, was that my  new spouse was a certified Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C business, plus a self-sufficient one at that.

              Therefore, when it came time to perform the upgrade, he elected to take it upon himself plus assembled the device necessary to get the task done plus manually installed the new feature to the system.

          It took him some time to get things located, but after a while,, my spouse had everything up plus running.

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