Trying to pick a HVAC company

It is a little overwhelming choosing an HVAC business.

I live right in the city so my options for an HVAC contractor are vast.

What am I supposed to look for? I just want routine HVAC maintenance done to my existing equipment. I don’t know what is a priority to look for in a HVAC provider. Is NATE certified a big deal with HVAC contractors? Some companies have this while others just say they are licensed. Maybe that means the same thing. I also noticed that some HVAC providers give off their better business bureau rating and say it is A+. Is it easy getting an A+ rating? Everybody seems to have it or doesn’t mention it. Also I have found that there are certain brands of HVAC machines that the companies handle. There are Carrier, Brynant, Trane and all other brands mentioned. Should I make sure my HVAC supplier does this or does it not matter? I read a little bit on the website about each company and that doesn’t help. All the information is pretty generic. I have read about friendly efficient service a lot. Some people boast about being a family business while others have tons of service trucks in the area. Some people rave about picking up after the job while others bring replacement parts just in case. I am in way over my head. I feel like I should just pick a random HVAC supplier and hope for the best. Maybe I could knock on my neighbor’s door and ask who they use. I don’t really know who is right for the job.


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