My air purification system fell off of the porch plus broke

I am a sucker for fads plus trends; I believe that they do not last long, plus they are not usually worth the cash, then even though I believe these things, I still make the mistake of falling for them quite often, but my mom was the same way, so I suppose that I got it from her.

I am part of a mom club at our church, plus right now there is a trend going around about air purification systems.

It all started with 1 mom who heard from a friend that the pollutants in the air of our homes is what is making our children sick; The news abruptly spread around our group, plus now everyone is talking about air purification systems plus the need for them. It is almost love a sin if you do not have an air purification system for your home, however although I do not suppose air purification systems are as necessary as they are making them sound, I do suppose that it is a wonderful method to have 1 in my house, so I bought 1. I looked online to find 1 that had wonderful reviews. I bought it plus had it shipped to my house. It was delivered to my new home when I was not home, so they left it on my porch. I got home that night, plus it was dark so I did not see the air purification system. I opened the door abruptly, plus the door hit the air purification system plus knocked it off of the porch. I abruptly opened the box plus found that it had broken into numerous pieces. I was so upset. I did not even get to try it out before it broke. I texted the dealer, so I am hoping that they will send myself and others a new 1.
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