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Summer camp  was always fun and adventurous.I was able to see my friends all year long. Usually I’d only see them while in the year but since joining the same summer time camp the many of us saw each other all the time.I remember 1 day in July both of us opted to go on a trip to the State park caverns. The weather was hot. I mean entirely  hot. The South temperature was normally tepid 68 % of the time but the summer time was harshly hot; You eventually get used to it but it could get annoying. The Caverns had dazzling formations of limestone stalactites, stalagmites, root beer straws, flowstones and draperies. The tour both of us opted to go on lasted 45 minutes and it was strenuous. It was entirely  strenuous on us as youngsters. We were sleepy and worn out by the end of the trip. When both of us arrived on the school bus both of us discovered the cooling system on the bus was broken. We were an hour away from our school. We fussed and grunted the entire way back home. We y gained for cool air but it was nowhere to be found on the ride back. An hour later both of us arrived back to the school. All of our parents were there to option us up.i ran to my mother’s green SUV so fast and both of us opted to go home. My mother opened to door and I was greeted with cool air. The air was prefer heaven, my own personal saving grace. I had suffered from the heat the entire day. It was my relief. I am so grateful for my Heating, Ventilation & A/C unit.

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