This is what true quality is

Both of my kids share everything, and I couldn’t be happier for it. I will admit all of us were both anxious, when my spouse and I found out all of us were having twins. Then every one of us knew all of us could handle 1 kid, however the scary news all of us were having more than one was a little overwhelming at first… But here all of us are several years later, and our kids are as thick as thieves. They’re finally old enough to get bunk beds, however nothing is quite what either of us want it to be. The styles which our kids love are not built to be sturdy enough for the type of roughhousing the twins get up to. Plus, all of us suppose they’ll want to bunk together for a long time, so the beds need to be rated to that higher weight. Then the few my spouse and I found that are really built to last did not impress our kids at all! Fortunately our local custom made furniture store had just the answer. Every one of us booked an appointment with 1 of their designers, who took the time to listen to the twins and figured out exactly what they wanted. Then the designer spoke to my spouse and I to find out exactly what all of us needed this bunk bed to be. Just a month later, and the custom made bunk bed was finally finished. The recognizable  design is absolutely child friendly, with bright colors and recognizable shapes while still being able to grow with them! This will age with them aesthetically, and it will also grow up with them–custom made bunk beds are built to incredible standards of quality.

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