I need help with the interior design

Everyone in LA has these home theaters in their houses–I swear it’s become some kind of status symbol today. In all the homes I’ve viewed to buy the home theaters are all the same; its as if they’re coming from the same exact cookie cutter… Then each 1 has these plain white theater chairs and white couches with white walls plus carpet, then the large black screen. They must all be buying their furniture from the same store. But not me! I want something with character! However when I guess of going to the theatre, I think of the grand old theatre houses with orange velvet curtains, gilded gold, even frescoes on the ceilings. While i’m not sure I’ll go so far as to have a fresco painted, still, this age of theatre elegance is entirely what I want reflected in our own modern home theatre room. I suddenly found out why all of these home theaters looked alike–that’s all they sell anymore! Fortunately, I found exactly what I needed for our grand home theatre at custom furniture designer! Here I was able to have the stunning theater chairs I wanted that reflect the era I love, while being as comfortable as the new furniture all of us appreciate today. With custom built theater chairs, there is no need to sacrifice looks over comfort. I was able to select the exact type of velvet I wanted, the type of wood plus the paint, as well as the metal hardware. They were even kind enough to create matching curtains to hang on our viewing wall, which are pulled back to reveal our big theater system.

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