This is how you make people happy

I had to tell my kids recently that they were going to be grounded if they kept messing with the thermostat! They protested and said that it was so blazing hot all the time with the settings I preferred. I thought 74 degrees was a reasonable setting, but they didn’t seem to think so. They complained that it was difficult to study for school with it being so hot all the time. They also made a good point that heat rises, and since their rooms happen to be upstairs, they get the bulk of the heat. When I went up to their rooms and they showed me just how overheated it was, I had to agree that it was pretty hot upstairs. I guess I didn’t realize this because I rarely go up there, but yes it was rather sizzling up there so I could easily see their point. I decided to buy each of my kids a window A/C unit to resolve this problem. When we had all the window A/C units installed, they were really pleased with the change. They no longer had so much trouble studying and doing homework. I never had to worry about the thermostat being changed any longer and it seemed that everybody was happy with the changes. The energy bills of course spiked a little bit and I would have to ask my kids if they were shutting off their A/C machines when they weren’t in their rooms. I told them that if they didn’t shut them off when they left their rooms, they would have to pay for the electric bills.

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