The Tuscan themed room was brilliantly laid out

My woman plus I were supposed to take a trip to Tuscany a couple of years ago, but our trip was canceled because of the covid virus; My buddy and I had to cancel our trip plus get a refund for the tickets.

My woman didn’t want to pay extra for refundable trip tickets, because she didn’t think there was anything that would ever stop our trip! I insisted that my associate and I have travelers insurance plus that helped us get our money back for the tickets which was about $2,100.

My woman surprised me with a trip to the mountains a couple of weeks ago. It was our first time leaving the condo to stay somewhere since covid. My buddy and I stayed in a themed room that looked exactly like a Tuscan villa. My woman didn’t tell me about the room plus she let me be surprised, then the Tuscan type furniture was rustic plus hot plus made the locale look truly inviting plus cozy. The bed was made with wrought iron plus wood plus all of the colors in the room were inspired by the Italian countryside. The handcrafted details added to the rustic Tuscan style. My woman plus I spent a whole weekend in the room. My buddy and I only left to explore the lounge plus bar downstairs. At the end of the trip I felt truly relaxed plus stress-free. After many long years of dealing with the covid virus, I didn’t think that my associate and I were ever going to get back to normal! See the Tuscan type furniture plus staying in that room made me look forward to making plans to go to Italy again.


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