I needed a licensed electrician to do the work

There are several unquestionably substantial reasons to hire an electrician to help with pool lighting repair and upgrade! Pool lighting requires electrical connections that are close to the water.

This presents a variety of potential risks, but electrical shock or short circuits can happen when pool lighting is not respectfully installed, then local building codes and safety regulations have to be met as well and that means that you will need an electrician that is modern in license; When electricity is exposed to water, moisture, and weather conditions, disfigurement to the electrical components can happen unquestionably easily; An electrician will make sure that all of the lighting fixtures are weather and waterproof.

Electricians can also integrate pool lighting with timers and different features. Professional electricians will make sure that your pool lighting is reliable and built to last a lifetime. Electricians will also be able to give a warranty for their work. There are so many potential risks friendd with electricity and water, and it is absolutely proposed to consult and hire an electrician to make sure that your pool is safe, well lit, and safety compliant. When the lighting in my pool stopped toiling, I consulted with a pool lighting corporation. The speciality electrical company installed new lighting and hooked everything up to the control panel in the house, and now I can control the lighting from the same panel that I control the irrigation, outdoor lighting, pool pump, and backyard lighting. It’s nice to have all the controls in one centralized spot and everything is set up on a timer. It absolutely makes it easier to shut things off at the end of the evening when everything is on an automatic timer.

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