The time our air conditioning and ice cream machine died

I’ve been working in fast food for awhile, it’s not something I particularly enjoy, but it’s a build up before I can own my own restaurant.

  • I have my share of good times and bad times, but there are some moments that you step back and wonder, what did you do to the world to deserve this? You’ll see what I mean soon.

I work at an ice cream drive through, and at one time, the ice cream machine died. Now we have more than one ice cream machine, but that one ended up dying too. We tried shutting off the ice cream logo, to show people we are closed, but people shoved their way through anyway. Soon after, our air conditioning also failed, leaving us in a hot building with complaining customers. I desperately wanted to leave, but my boss said we had to stay until the HVAC repairman gets here. So, because of that, I had to also attend to the drive through, to try to shoo potential customers away. One man in particular, was determined. He thought he was oh so special, and deserves the special treatment. He somehow thought we could bring the machine back to life, and serve him. The HVAC professional arrived and started to work on the cooling system. Enter the angry customer. He pulls up and ask for a sundae. Normal. I then inform him that our machine is broken, and to come back tomorrow. The man practically exploded, he exploded expletives as well. Every other word was a curse word. He steamed and stomped for about 15 minutes, before he threatened to call corporate and drove off. The HVAC provider finished and a cooling breeze filled the air again, we closed and were able to restart tomorrow, minus one negative customer.

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