The speed is a little off

 Where I am, winter’s length and the amount of snow it presents are big issues. It’s not rare for us to have several feet of snow in one night. Shoveling, plowing, or snow blowing are necessary to clear all of our walkways, doors, and driveways, but they all have their cons. Shoveling can be a lot of work while taking up a lot of time. I don’t necessarily want to wake up an hour before I have to just to bundle up and shovel snow. Hiring someone to plow the snow is incredibly expensive. Snow melting chemicals work great, but at the cost of my home’s landscaping. Plus, I don’t want to risk tracking those harsh chemicals into my home. Luckily, I have been able to avoid all of these actions with my snow melt system. I have a boiler in my basement that is connected to pipes. Those pipes run under my driveway and walkways. The boiler sends hot water through the pipes, which melts all the snow and ice away. These surfaces stay clear, and I don’t need to worry about myself or my family slipping or falling and hurting ourselves. None of us are ever scared of becoming snowed in. The best part is that all of the pipes are concealed, so my house looks beautiful from the outside without any visible pipes running around it. The snow melt system is set to turn on by itself once a certain temperature and moisture level is reached. The boiler is very efficient, so the cost to operate it is perfectly reasonable. The boiler also heats my home and water. Even though it’s compact, the boiler handles its workload like a champ, only needing maintenance once a year.

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