The repairs just never stop

My lady works at a factory that produces air filters. My lady has been finally working at the air filter factory for 5 years. She started right after high university, plus she has been there since. She recently became area of the management team, plus now she makes a honestly nice salary. The air filter factory makes dozens of odd shapes plus sizes. There is a huge assembly line, with workers located on both sides of the belt. The air filter is completely put together by a machine, plus then packaged by a hand worker. My lady started out on the packaging line, plus suddenly worked her way up to a manager position… Now she is the manager for the new media air cleaner division. The air filter factory is going to start producing media air cleaners as well. They will be making numerous odd types of media air cleaners, for a supplier located in the adjacent state. My lady was hired to manage the new media air cleaner Division, plus that is a giant pat on the back. My lady is going to make more money than I do, if she continues to acquire these nice promotions. I do not mind if she makes a superb residing, because we are a superb team together. I do not get bothered by numbers plus figures, because we are both contributing to our lifestyle. Next week, our lady is flying to the media air cleaner supplier headquarters, so she can check out their operations first hand. I guess she is going to do a superb job in her new managerial role.

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