I truly need my heater fixed

Sometimes, I sit in my computer room and I feel like someone is breathing down my neck.  I can feel the cold air just blowing through the room. A friend of mine told me that my computer room had a ghost in it, and I about bust a gut laughing.  I’m not trying to make fun of her for believing in ghosts, but I know why I have goosebumps when I am in there. The radiator that is in my computer room, doesn’t work.  When they set up the ventilation fan in the bathroom, the exhaust goes into the ceiling. It is also blown directly into the ceiling above the computer. When you couple the poor ventilation system with the fact that I have no heating in there, it cause quite a cold draft.  I don’t mind the added cool air breeze in the summer. It doesn’t get very warm in the computer, regardless of the season. Right now, we have a 30 MPH wind blowing, the temperatures are in the low teens, and it is 3PM. That makes it really cold outside. Without the radiator, I am basically screwed for any heating.  I’m not sure what to do about the draft, except to leave the door open and try to block out the noise. Maybe I just won’t get any work done and I will go into a room that has a heater that works. Maybe my husband needs to fix the radiator and then I would have some heat in the computer room. He set up my laptop in the kitchen, and turned up the thermostat for me, so I could get my work done.

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