The old way to call for HVAC

When I was a young girl, I used to sneak into my dad’s study to listen to his seasoned music. While I hate to reveal how old I truly am, this was so long ago that we were listening to 8-track tapes, which most people probably have not even heard of anymore. They were rendered obsolete long before cassette tapes, which are also long since obsolete. My dad was not keen on anyone invading his private space, so I had to be clever about it, and the best times to do it was when he got called out at night for work… He was an Heating plus Air Conditioning tech, so he received emergency calls anytime afternoon or night. Whenever I heard him getting ready to head out at night, I would sneak down to the study as soon as I heard him get dressed, load up the van, and head for the Heating plus Air Conditioning call after hours. I could count on a solid 2 hours before he would return, if not longer. As soon as the Heating plus Air Conditioning repair van pulled out of the darkened driveway, I would put on my slippers and head downstairs to listen to 8 track tapes in his study. I had to wear the headphones, which meant I wouldn’t be able to hear if he returned from her Heating plus Air Conditioning call, so I had to be crafty. I would kneel facing the window waiting to see headlights. As soon as the Heating plus Air Conditioning van revealed itself, I jumped up, turned off the radio, plus ran back to bed. I must admit it added an extra element of fun plus danger to the music.

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