The dehumidifier keeping everything safe


                   Though I’m not much for collecting things, I got huge into collecting outdated books after getting my degree.  There are few things I like more than vintage literature, especially the illustrated editions of our preferred poets from the turn of the century, however, I also live in an home in the south. This means that our home is hardly the safest for collecting outdated books.

                If you’ve ever been in a library, you may notice the archives is seperate from the regular collection. This is to keep them safe, not just from people but the elements. The older the book, the more it requires cool, dry air to keep it in the best condition possible! So, since I do not have a sealed plus temperature controlled room, I did the next best thing by keeping my books in the spare room with a dehumidifier. The dehumidifier does what our air conditioner cannot–it physically alters the moisture of the air. Sure the A/C makes it seem cooler plus dryer, but it doesn’t actively remove the moisture.

                I can consistently see the dehumidifier working too, as I can see the water it pulls form the air in the collection tank… All I have to do is empty the little water tank once its full, which happens a lot in the summer, and it’s good to go. I can run it non-stop, plus its so small it doesn’t run up the utility bill. With the dehumidifier, my outdated book collection is safe from the ravages of the environment.

cooling filter