Getting the a/c cared for all year around

Occasionally, my friends call me to check in plus catch up; This is the only way we can keep in touch since I’m not in driving range anymore; Three years ago, I packed up my things plus made the really long trip from  Britain to the southern end of the East coast. I’m looking at the same ocean, however it’s about fifty degrees warmer plus I can go swimming if I want to.

                  I no longer have to worry about shoveling snow, breaking ice, or having to call my work because I won’t be shovelled out in time to make it in for my shift. I’m not losing money from being unable to get into work, plus I’m also not paying out the nose for heating our house. I traded it in for running the A/C system nearly year round. Let tell you the cost isn’t even remotely the same. A lot of house, like mine, run off of oil heating in the north! Oil is the absolute worst money thief.

           Oil heating systems aren’t that bad, however budgeting the cost of the fuel is all nearly impossible. Since the price is always changing on the market, you can’t even budget it out. The price I paid in September could go up by over a hundred dollars by the time I need more in January. The A/C is constant; since the price of a kilowatt isn’t adjusting! Plus, it’s not a finite fuel, so I’m not stressing about running out. I will take a dozen heat waves over just one blizzard.

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