The best idea I’ve had

Last night my friends plus I threw a celebration at my home that got a little out of hand to put it mildly. All of us invited just a few of our enjoyable pals over in the beginning of the night, however more plus more people heard via word of mouth plus the celebration grew appreciate wildfire. I don’t suppose there has ever been that several people in such a small home ever before! After the celebration was wrapped up plus it was the next afternoon, I woke up plus noticed that the a/c unit wasn’t working at all. I messed with the buttons plus did my best to self diagnose the unit however I wasn’t able to find the root of the problem. The a/c unit in my home is no old plus broken down type of unit that most young people have, in fact it is one of the most top of the line units so I was shocked that it wasn’t working. A few moments later I noticed that there was a liquid dripping out of the unit, plus that liquid happened to be beer. I would find out later once an Heating plus A/C tech came over that one of the celebration goers thought it would be a enjoyable idea to throw a bunch of old coors cups in the air conditioner unit, making it break down for good. Now my a/c cooling unit worth hundreds of dollars is in complete shambles plus I couldn’t even sell it for cheap on craigslist or ebay. I suppose that it’s safe to say that I will never be throwing a celebration anytime soon!

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