The backyard and HVAC

Did you ever meet a single of those men or women who thinks they guess more or have a better life than you do?  They regularly feel the need to go a single better no matter what you say or do. I, myself, find the know-better-than-you-do personality to be just about the most annoying personality trait in existence.  I live a simple life, eat simple but healthy meals, and have a modest home. My little home has everything I need and I am quite comfortable living in it. I decided to throw a backyard fiesta under a tent Last week and I invited several of our coworkers.  Everyone was encouraged to bring their husband, wife, or significant other, and I thought we would have a great time. Little did I know, my coworker Elaine is married to someone who has that exact personality; From the moment Elaine and her husband walked into my home, I could guess his eyes lurking around our lake house and deciding what was lacking compared to what he thought I should have.  I felt better once the people I was with and I were outside and enjoying tacos as part of our fiesta.

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