The attic HVAC

I don’t actually believe in haunted households, well not anymore I don’t. When I was a little girl the situation was quite a bit different, as well as I could have sworn I heard things moving in the attic late inside the evening. My dad told me it was really just rats, which wasn’t as comforting as he thought… I am absolutely not sure if I prefer rats over ghosts, both of them easily make my skin crawl. Then like many things, as I have grown older I have come to understand the fears of my youth as well as what caused them! Any old fears I might have had have been dispelled by working in the Heating as well as Air Conditioning device industry. It sounds deranged, maybe, that being a Heating as well as Air Conditioning device professional would help me put old ghosts to rest, so to speak, however it’s totally true. By working with ductwork, old furnaces, as well as water furnaces I have learned about all the unusual “weird” things they can be responsible for. The low moaning of ghosts I heard as a child was no doubt just a crack in one of the HVAC ducts, allowing outside wind to whistle through the ductwork. The strange cold spots in our household, which I used to think indicated a spectral presence, were really the result of coolant leaks from the air conditioner device. The abrupt blast of heating from the air vents whenever the furnace kicked on would blow around the drapes, making it look appear as though they were moving on their own. All those bizarre little things I remember have all been proven to be totally natural by my Heating as well as Air Conditioning device work experiences.