The a/c is not doing its job

I have a very awful job that I am slaving almost every waking hour, which means no social life for me. I have tried dating in the past, but that doesn’t usually work out well. They woman I am dating normally get frustrated that I spend all my time at my job than the relationship, then however, it is true, I undoubtedly do spend more time at my  job than any relationship I have ever been in. I guess at some point in my life this will change, but for now I am no choice than to stick with the way that things are going, well, that was until Last week when I came home from another long day at the office & my Heating & A/C system unit was making the strangest noise. It sounded poor so I just turned the whole heating & cooling system off & called a local Heating & A/C supplier that is located 50 miles north of down town to make an appointment. It took forever for us to agree upon a time for the HVAC specialist to come over because of my schedule but all of us ended up finding a time slot that worked for both of us in the schedule. I am a little concerned that on the day of the appointment I am going to have to reschedule because of a work conflict of some sort, it is real crazy. I guess this is a tied up Heating & A/C contractor & I don’t’ want to waste their time, but they are the best Heating & A/C supplier around. Which is why it is so far away for me. I am going to take my chances on it all though because I only want the best Heating & A/C supplier looking at my Heating & A/C system always, no others.

HVAC expert