The A/C Doesn’t Appear to be Cooling all That Well When the Oven Is Self-Cleaning

I was cooking in the kitchen the other day, & I had spilled some food in the oven.

I decided that after I finished my dinner, I was going to turn on the cleaner in the oven & let it cook clean. I sat at the table cutting up some vegetables I wanted to freeze & I heard an unusual noise. I looked at the oven & saw that it was in flames! I couldn’t turn off the cleaning cycle & the door was locked shut. I could just remain still there & stare at the oven hoping it wouldn’t melt down. It had become so incredibly tropical in the home that I turned on the air conditioning system, but I couldn’t get the house to a reasonable temperature. I had the ventilation fan turned on & it didn’t seem to be doing much of anything. I thought all of the air conditioning system was being pulled out through the ventilation fan. I was throwing open windows & doors, however nothing was working & I was beginning to get worried. My spouse came upstairs & looked at the oven which was no longer in flames. She turned up the speed on the ceiling fan & she turned the air conditioning system from fan to high cool. In my desire to get rid of the heat of the fire, I hadn’t paid attention to where I had the AC button set. My spouse told myself and others she would check out the oven within a day, but I should let it cool down before I opened the door. I took a deep breath when she returned to the home office to do some work, because once she again she had made myself and others calm down during what I thought was a crisis.


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