That was so confusing

I think the best part of Halloween is definitely the candy. Dressing up is good and fun, and I enjoy going trick-or-treating with my kids. More than anything else though, I love all the sweets, like hard candies, chocolate and fancy desserts that some parents hand out! There’s one house we go to every year where the couple that lives there makes these delicious cookies. They’re made to look like candy corn, but they’re filled with peanut butter and chocolate. Oh, it’s what I live for on Halloween night! Last year was a letdown though, as we approached the house and rang the doorbell for our candies, cookies and more. The hosts walked out to us, and simply handed us some hard candies. My kids were happy, but I felt obliged to ask – what gives with the lack of tasty desserts? The couple sadly explained that their air conditioning system had been acting out lately, and the house was simply too hot to want to cook anything. As they explained the situation, I could feel heat emanating from behind the couple and out from the home’s front door. They weren’t kidding – it felt like they had a heating unit running! They apologized, and said that the heating, ventilation and air conditioning repair technicians were supposed to come by the weekend before. Sadly, they were nowhere to be found all week! The husband told me how frustrated he was, as this was the third time that their usual HVAC repair technicians have pulled a no-call / no-show for their appointment. I was frustrated too – not just because of the lack of sweet treats! I told the couple about the heating, ventilation and air conditioning repair guys that I usually call, and said that they are never late for an appointment – plus, they really know their way around any furnace, air conditioning system, or air duct! Hopefully they get their A/C system fixed soon – I would hate to miss their cookies during Christmas, too!

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