One last father daughter cross-country road trip

My dad has finally got the good news that he’s gotten the job he’s been waiting for. See, my parents recently bought a second home on the southern end of the coast. However, my mom was the first one to find a job. So, for the past year, my Dad has been constantly job hunting trying to find something in his field that is still within two hours of their new house. Well, the day has finally come, and so my Dad is finally putting the old house on the market and making the trip south. We’ve made this trip dozens of times before, but this time I’ll be driving down with him, and flying back on my own. In fact, we’ve done this trip to visit Mom and the new house so many times, we even have a set list of where to stop for lunch and what hotels to stay in. Despite folks opinions on fancy hotels, my Dad and I have found that the budget hotels actually have incredibly reliable heating and cooling. I think its because the bigger hotels use one massive HVAC system, whereas the little hotels just do seperate little ductless mini splits for each room. Those little ductless HVAC systems, sure don’t look like much, but they’ve never failed to keep my Dad and I cool in the middle of a muggy summer in the south. Though of course, the best AC system will always be at home. There, my mom is a clean freak about changing out her air filters and having her central AC system inspect annually so she has the best indoor air quality possible.

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