Talking with my dad

When my spouse & I had little 1s, it was always easier to drive on holiday. The few times the two of us had to fly, someone always complained about the adolescents being too loud. It just made more sense to take road trips back then. I clearly remember a time when the 3 adolescents were all toddlers. The two of us packed them up & drove all the way to the magic kingdom. It took 3 mornings of driving, before the two of us arrived to the state of eternal sunshine. When the two of us left our apartment state, it was fifty degrees outside. By the time the two of us arrived to the kingdom, it was almost eighty outside. The two of us were constantly running the cooling system, just to stay cool. The sunlight & humidity were almost unbearable. The two of us stood in ride lines for hours, & all I could assume about was air conditioner. The two of us even left the park early to go to our hotel room. Luckily, the hotel was cool & comfortable. Our room had 2 weird cooling systems. One cooling system was in the master family room, & the other was in the kitchen. The two of us kept the room nice & cool, so the two of us could relax at the end of the long mornings. The two of us were lucky to stay anywhere with a superb cooling system. Many hotels in the section were absolutely rundown with few amenities. After that holiday, the two of us never took the adolescents to the magic kingdom again. The next time the two of us wanted to take the adolescents anywhere new, the two of us headed up to the northern border. It was cooler, cheaper, & less stress on the car.