Taking care of my boyfriend’s uncle and his HVAC system

My boyfriend’s uncle lives in a house. In fact, he lives in a duplex house. He does own both sides of it, however he only lives on the one side. He rents out the other side when he can. He has a condition and cannot really take care of anything around him. We actually rented out the other side of the house to live. We offered that we come take care of him and the apartment and help out for reduced rent payments. He surely agreed to it. We were happy we could help him out. When we help him to take care of the other side of the house we even take care of his HVAC system for him. There are a lot of times where he has not been able to care of the system. Now, we help him to change the filters, and clean the system on a regular basis. Luckily, we both use the same system, however the system is split. The one side gets a thermostat and the other side gets a different thermostat. This allows us to be able to set the temperature that we desire on our side of the house. It really does help to keep the house nice and comfortable. I like being in control of the HVAC system, this way I can always make sure that we are going to be comfortable. I can even call an HVAC technician anytime that I want too. If we are having trouble I take care it right away. I would be a good landlord I think.

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