Surprise birthday gift with radiant flooring installation

I love getting presents.

My husband gives the best gifts.

I swear he knows me so well. He can get me the weirdest gifts but somehow they are the best. He would get me gifts that no one would ever give as a gift. As weird as that sounds. He is very careful in his thinking and planning though. The last present he got me was very carefully planned out. I had to follow clue cards. The entire time I kept getting clues as to what it was. I could not figure it out. It turns out that I was walking on it the entire time. He got me radiant flooring for the house. He had it installed one day while I was at work. I loved this because I am frequently chilly. I always wear my slippers around the house. My feet get cold. I had slippers on so it was hard for me to tell how warm the floor was. As soon as I took my slippers off I noticed the warmth from the floor. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. I thought I was in Heaven. This is what I mean by he gives the weirdest gifts but the best gifts. I truly am surprised that he would think to get me something like this. Not only will these floors keep the floor warm, but they will heat the house as well. It does not need a lot of maintenance either. It was a great investment to our home and I could not be happier.

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