Starting our custom made furniture shop

My brother Benny and I wanted to start our own custom furniture shop.

Him and I took a course on furniture building so we know how pieces are made.

The two of us didn’t want to make custom made pieces out of press wood, but real wood instead. The two of us knew the smell and the feel of real wood. We also know the difference of French style furniture from Italian. The two of us knew Tuscan furniture from Mediterranean furniture and both of us could tell new antiques from true antique. When the building process began, Benny and I were having such a great time. We went all over the place looking for pieces to set up our shop and ideas on what we could build for other people. We went to yard sales to estate sales and then to auctions. Him and I even bought a couple storage bins that had some interesting looking furniture. We bought a lot of wood in our travels too. A lot of people want pieces made of all hardwood. We needed to find all different types and get stains to color them to the customer’s liking as well. After it was all said and done, our shop looked amazing. Benny and I got it all set up to look professional and to showcase what we could do. It took us over a year to finally have our custom made furniture shop set up right and both of us were ready to open.

Glamour in silverleaf