Finding the right fabrics for the house

I used to think the only thing I needed to think about when Harry and I started building our beach home was the appearance of the house.

I knew I was going to enjoy heading out and buying chairs, couches and tables.

But,I wasn’t sure what style of pieces I wanted. Harry and I looked at some particularly cool, dark and heavy furniture that was made in Italy. Harry and I also liked the Mediterrainean style pieces, but it wasn’t good for the layout of the house. We then found Modern and Traditional pieces. I knew what I wanted for my beach home and I was trying to make sure Harry and I had the exact mood we wanted in the house. I finally talked to some friends of mine who had their furniture pieces custom made. I had some older pieces that were my mother’s and I thought it would be fun to have them fixed up and have a new color theme added to them. Harry and I looked at strange types of patterns and both of us finally found a bright red that was so neat. I particularly liked the thought of having custom upholstery on our couch and chairs. I would have never thought that I would like having a red sofa or a bright green chair because I thought it would be super ugly. It was the most comfortable couch and chair I had ever sat down on. I am loving our new beach house look and I am so glad both of us chose to do our own interior decorating.


Southwest furniture