Standing up for what is right, even if it means losing your job

I am actually proud of myself for standing up to my former boss.

  • This guy was getting out of control making everybody work long hours and mandatory overtime for emergency HVAC services.

I used to work at this HVAC company but I had enough of it. I decided to talk to all of my fellow HVAC technicians who were working for this HVAC company and we all talked about how unreasonable the boss was. I told everybody that we were all skilled and deserved better treatment. I said that we should stand up for better treatment and we shouldn’t be required to work emergency HVAC hours. Most of the HVAC technicians agreed that we should talk about this with the boss and demand fair hours and treatment, but some were scared of losing their jobs. I said we should demand the changes or quit and find a better HVAC company to work for. A lot of the guys were with me, and so we went to see the boss. I did most of the talking, and most of the guys had my back. When the boss said that I would lose my job if I didn’t drop this and anybody else would lose their job if they carried on, that’s when I told him I would leave then. If he couldn’t at least give everybody reasonable working hours so people could spend time with their actual families, I wasn’t going to stay around. Everybody was put on the spot, and a lot of people followed my lead and quit the job. That HVAC company lost a lot of employees that day, but there were some who stuck around because they needed to keep their jobs.
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