Servicing HVAC right now is stressful

Five years ago when I was graduating from high school, I knew that I wanted to be a central heating and cooling technician. My uncle had been an HVAC specialist for over 50 years and he was constantly telling me about the many perks of the indoor air handling control profession. He told me you could go into commercial or residential HVAC repair, installation, and maintenance. No matter which direction you chose, you would have consistent work, fair pay, and a dynamic work experience every day. I was so excited about the prospect of following in my uncle’s HVAC worker shoes that I immediately applied for a certified Heating and Cooling technician program when I graduated from public school. For a while, I specialized in commercial HVAC repair services because they were extremely lucrative. Corporations will require equally massive heating and cooling systems to keep their thousands of employees somewhat comfortable, and that necessitates an HVAC expert. After a few years, I switched to residential heating and cooling services because I preferred working with individual clients. However, these days I can tell you that it’s quite terrifying to work in residential HVAC maintenance. Since the pandemic began, homeowners have been rather difficult during my routine heating and cooling repair services. They’re extremely concerned with indoor air contamination, so I wear a full face mask, gloves, and a face shield at times. We are taking potential for contamination extremely seriously at my heating and cooling shop, but I don’t think that our regular HVAC clients believe it. I’ve become paranoid to clear my throat, cough, or sneeze during any of my routine air conditioning repair services. The last time I accidentally sniffled in front of a loyal HVAC maintenance customer, she threw her hands over her mouth and told me to get out of her houseā€¦ mid-AC repair.
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