Praying for a new AC unit – universe answers

When people say that they don’t believe in a higher power, I believe that they are really missing out. When you continually deny that there is something out there watching your back, you will destine yourself for living a sad and difficult life. I know that this sounds extremely idealistic and plenty of folks will disagree, but in my experience there has been undoubtable evidence of a higher being. Recently, this was demonstrated to me and one of the most mundane ways possible… through my heating, cooling, and ventilation system. I’m not a particularly wealthy human and I’ve been negatively impacted by some of the recent global changes. Before this pandemic began, my central heating and cooling system was already struggling to get by. For about 2 years I had experienced uneven indoor air temperatures, including fluctuating hot and cold patches and low air quality. My energy bills were often climbing through the roof when I needed to use my air conditioning unit on a regular basis. I was aware that my heating and cooling system needed a professional revamp, but I wasn’t ready to go take on the added expense of professional repair services and installation fees. As the AC unit got worse, I started praying that a brand new cooling system would somehow fall into my lap. I talked to God every night about my need for a central air conditioning unit to keep myself and my family comfortable. For weeks, the AC unit barely held on but I never lost faith that a new cooling system would show up. 2 days ago, I was driving down the road when I saw a large box in the ditch. I pulled over and inspected the dirty package… Wouldn’t you know, it was a brand new air conditioning unit with the exact power rating that I needed for my house.


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