Selling printers online in 1994

In the early 1990s, it was easy to buy a website and build your own web pages. Cheap .com names were really cheap for the year, and it was even cheaper to get hosting space online. My brother has some friends who are nerdy laptop geeks, and they helped him build a laptop that had fast internet for that time period. He was able to quickly grasp the online language that helped him build web pages quickly. He obtained a few online web names, one of them being cheap printers online. He found a wholesale website that paid him 25% commission on each sale. He didn’t have to work much at all, once the website was up and running. He sold numerous printers and printing materials. He had brands like Colordyne, Epson, and AnyTron. He sold commercial printers, supplier printers, and even small printers for the home. He also sold label makers, scanners, and other small handheld electronics. After a few years in business, he decided to sell the printing materials website to a very large industrial business. They mainly wanted his website name. They got rid of all his stuff and added their own pictures and information. All of my brothers work was dismantled overnight. He said the one good thing was the large amount of money he got for it all. He took a long trip around the world, and went on a nice cruise.



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