Requiring the a/c unit

There is a lot involved with the maintenance of  a Heating and air conditioning system. The air filters need to be changed regularly to prevent them clogging with dust and debris.  A dirty air filter significantly reduces system efficiency. It can also impact comfort and indoor air quality. For a forced air system, the ductwork is extremely important.  A buildup of contaminants, such as dust, dander and mod, restricts airflow to and from the heating and cooling system. This forces the furnace and air conditioner to run for longer cycles and struggle to achieve thermostat settings.  The added wear and tear on the equipment will result in higher energy bills, more frequent malfunction, premature service life and diminished comfort. Plus, the contaminants can be introduced into the breathing air of the home. The inside of an air conditioner is typically warm, dark and damp, creating the perfect conditions for growing mold, mildew and algae.  Without regular, professional cleaning, the cooling unit can become overrun with bacterial growth. Dust can be a real problem for the heating system. A yearly check-ups performed by a licensed HVAC contractor is essential for system operation. The technician will identify and address any issues to prevent a sudden breakdown. With thorough cleaning, he’ll prevent the spread of allergens and energy waste.  Plus, this service fulfills the manufacturer’s warranty requirements and ensures continued coverage. Taking good care of the furnace, air conditioner and duct system keeps the entire system running at its best, saving time and money, and optimizing the health, cleanliness and comfort of the home.