Car a/c unit fixed

I was running late for a class at school, which was a bad start to a hectic week. It was the final month of school, & I was facing a lot of important exams.  I was worried about college tuition and other bills. Running late for classes was stressful. The weather was just starting to warm up after the Winter season. I carried my bookbag, snacks & car keys. I made sure to close and lock the apartment door behind me. Once I climbed into the car, I started and then blasted the cooling system. It usually takes my car a few minutes for air from the vents to become cold.. I am not quite sure that the air conditioner is working at its best.  I should take it into a mechanic to have the air conditioner checked. As we’re heading into summer, I need it to run reliably. Living in the south, a cooling system is absolutely necessary. I can’t imagine driving in the middle of Summer with no cooling system for relief. I am not sure I can afford the repair, but I’ll need to figure out a way. I am fortunate that I have a modern Heating & Air Conditioning system installed in my apartment. My energy bills aren’t overly expensive and I can count on the heating and cooling unit to maintain a comfortable year round temperature.  If only I could have such a modern and reliable air conditioner installed in my ancient vehicle, it would make my rides to class for more enjoyable. Instead, the air smells weird and sometimes give me a headache.

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