Repairing as many as I can

She just gave me a “Happy Christmas Dave!” reply on Instagram after not speaking to each other for a year and a half.

That was the message I got from my ex Russian lover who hasn’t spoken to me until today.

I told her Merry Christmas and at least she replied back to me. She sent me three Christmas pics too, so at least she put in some effort, but I think the girl is married with a kid and it is a lost cause. We dated last summer just for a month but she left such an impact. My HVAC boss knew how sad I was when we broke up last summer but I told him, as I was working on some radiant heated floors, that she must have had a husband and a kid and was separated when we met that summer. I have been so heartbroken since it ended that I just don’t really seem to care about anything anymore. I try to do my best at the HVAC company each day when I am working on heating and cooling equipment, but my heart feels so hurt and sad that I am doing my best to get out of bed each day. How do you go on after losing the best thing you have ever had? I would repair 1000 hot water heaters just to be able to talk to her one more time and learn the reason why she left me so abruptly. Was it something I did or did she just need to get back with her husband? I will never know I am afraid.

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