Planning my winter projects

Ever since I retired I’ve tried to find ways to keep myself active.

I’ve seen too many of my friends age quickly because they sit around doing nothing but watching TV and complaining about life.

The way I see it, I worked all of those years to be able to afford to enjoy my time and I plan on doing just that. The only issue I seem to have is the fact that I don’t move around as quickly during the colder months. It just seems to take me longer to get warm if I spend any time outside so I tried to come up with projects I can do in the house where it is warm. I turned one of the small bedroom said my house into a craft room and I spend much of my days there. I love to sew and there are a few small craft shows that I like to participate in and this gives me a little extra income as well. When we were setting up the space I mentioned to my husband that I would like to have an additional heat source in there to keep me comfortable while I was working. He didn’t like the idea of one of those portable heaters because he thought I would forget to turn it off so he contacted our HVAC dealer to see if there was something different we could use. He suggested that we install a small gas heater that could hang on the wall and be controlled by a thermostat. It’s actually pretty cool because I can adjust it with a remote and even said a timer for what time we wanted it to turn off. This solved the problem of me being too cold and put my husband’s mind at ease about the safety of the added heat source.


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