Our home is much warmer now that my buddy and I have a propane fireplace in our residing room

My hubby, Dave, and I have lived in our home for over twenty years now.

My associate and I easily adore our home and the neighborhood that my buddy and I live in.

My associate and I raised both of our children here, and this home is full of hot memories. I do not suppose that my buddy and I will ever transfer out of this house. It is two stories, and I suppose that one day my buddy and I will not be able to climb the stairs to the second story, however thankfully, our home office is on the first floor. The upstairs is entirely only used when our children and grandchildren come to visit, our home is relatively old though, so my buddy and I have had trouble keeping it hot enough during the winter months. It did not used to bother us when my buddy and I were younger. My associate and I kept the home at about sixty to sixty-five degrees. It was fantastic for us back then, however now, my buddy and I get a little too chilly when the home is that cool. My associate and I love it to be at least seventy degrees. My associate and I could not figure out how to get it warmer until my buddy and I bought our propane fireplace. My associate and I wanted an electric fireplace, however my buddy and I found this propane one for only thirty dollars. It was quite awesome. My associate and I have been using it for about two weeks now, and it has made such a difference in the temperature of our home. My associate and I can get the residing room and home office area up to about eighty degrees using our propane fireplace, and my buddy and I entirely adore it! My associate and I are planning on getting a fireplace for our home office sometime soon as well. It will be so nice to have the entire first floor around eighty degrees.

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