I bought a fireplace off of the internet, plus it does not work

I bought a fireplace last week. I was so gleeful to get it. I had been researching fireplaces for quite some time. I finally decided which one would be best for me. I found a relatively great deal on it at a store about an hour away from my house. I was going to drive there plus buy it, however I decided to look online first to see if I could find one cheaper. That was particularly a mistake. I could not find one cheaper except on a arena that sold used fireplaces. I did not even look at the reviews on the arena first. I was so gleeful to find the fireplace that I wanted for about half the price that I would pay in the store. I ordered the fireplace, plus it arrived at my home last week. I opened it up, plus it looked just as beautiful as I had hoped that it would. I plugged it in plus turned it on. It did nothing. I tried numerous times to turn it on, however it would not turn on. I read the instruction numerous times, plus I knew that I was doing everything right. It still would not turn on. I even evaluated my breaker to make sure that I had power going to the outlet that I was using. I did have power. The fireplace was just not working. I was sold a broken fireplace, plus after I went back plus evaluated out the reviews on the website, I realized that I was super foolish. The reviews on the website were horrible; Now, I have a broken fireplace, plus I cannot return it.

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