Our heat pump won’t last much longer, but the smart thermostat helps

Man, it is a brutal place to live in the summer months in my area.

The heat here hits you hard like a wall when you walk out into it.

It’s the kind of place where you truly need to go out plus roll down the windows in your car 10 minutes before you leave for any desired location. There is no way that the air conditioning appliance in the car is able to catch up unless you let the car air out ahead of time. It doesn’t stop there. I prefer to be outside on most days. Where I have chosen to live is perfect for this type of lifestyle except for the 3 hot months of the summer. It’s just too overheated to play tennis or golf. I simply try to find water activities that I prefer plus remain submerged as much as I can. However, I have to entirely give it to my HVAC heat pump. That thing just keeps working great. We actually have planned to update it in 2 years as it is getting kind of aged. The efficiency of the HVAC appliance will begin to tail off rather abruptly. So, the lot of us want to be prepared for when that finally happens. To that end the lot of us have recently made some additions to help ease the cooling load on our existing HVAC appliance. The two of us want it to last plus helping it make it to the finish line is something we really can do. I recently had a smart thermostat installed. This thermostat is able to do a much better job at managing the HVAC appliance usage than I am. While the lot of us are away at work, it raises the temp in the dwelling during the most extreme temperatures of the day.



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