My grandfather refuses to get a new furnace

I love my grandfather so much.

He is so much fun.

He is definitely old school though, and he does not like modern technology. I love him to death, and we spend as much time as possible with him since we do not know how long he has left. He is ninety-four years old, but he acts like he is sixty-five. He is still very active for his age, and it is amazing. I hope that I am that spry when I am ninety-four years old. Because he does not like modern technology or newer things, he refuses to guy himself a new furnace. He and my grandma bought the house that he lives in about fifty years ago. It has a regular gas furnace in there as well as a wood stove. The furnace started showing signs of age about four years ago. It was turning off on its own quite a bit, and my grandfather did not know how to fix it. He tried looking into what was wrong with it, but he refused to call an HVAC company or even let my husband come over and check it out. He is quite a prideful man, and it definitely gets in the way of good things sometimes. We asked him if he wanted us to find him a new furnace, but he said that he did not need a furnace. He told us all about how he had survived most of his life with a wood stove, and there was no reason why he could not survive the rest of his life with just a wood stove. I could not argue with him. I guess he will go on without a furnace for the rest of his life.


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