My comfort is important

Have you ever gotten really cold and just were unable to find a way to get warm? This used to happen to me from time to time, and often I would resort to taking a hot shower and wrapping up in a big fluffy robe and slippers. This would often do the trick, but when I was like that, I would also feel the need to turn on the heater. Generally, I prefer not to use the heater because it is a forced air heater and the dry air is no fun at all. The heater often causes my skin to get dry and itchy, and sometimes my lips get chapped and my sinuses ache. Doctors will tell you that you should not drink alcohol to get warm, but I do find that a nice glass of wine can sometimes serve as a sort of personal heating system if you are quite chilled. It has been quite a while since I have been plagued with that chilly nature, especially since I am now a woman of a certain age, but nowadays if I do ever feel uncomfortably cold, I feel no qualms about putting on the heater for a little while and maybe reaching for a glass of wine or brandy. In the summer, I am always hot, and I use the a/c every single day. Without it, I feel I would be one miserable person, but from time to time when I am cold during the winter months, I find a few hours of the heater and a nice glass of wine serve me just fine. I recommend it to you!

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