My car issues

I am totally in love with my new car, however the sound system is absolutely great. The whole car seems to shake when I have the bass on more than two. The factory sound system is better than most cars plus trucks. If the mornings are cold, the leather seats have personal warmers, so I can keep my butt warm. My new car even gets almost 40 miles to the gallon! At $3 for a gallon of gas, that is a absolutely sizable deal. My new car has pretty rims that are shiny, metallic, plus a cool neon yellow color. They even painted the spoiler with the color that I certainly chose. However i have a great navigation system with a 12in screen, plus DVD players in both of the back seats. If the air conditioner wasn’t broken, this car could be the most amazing thing in my life… This week is the second time I have put my new car in the shop, plus I have had that car for only 6 weeks. The air conditioner was an issue shortly after I purchased the new car. The car dealership said some program concerns prevented the air conditioner from working consistently. I didn’t understand, but they managed to fix the air conditioner in a few hours. The air conditioner provided me problems again last weekend, when my fiance plus I went to the beach. And of all mornings to have air conditioner problems, it had to be the day when the temperatures were almost 98 degrees. The air conditioner has not worked since that day, plus now it’s in the dealership. I do not guess how long it will take to fix the problem.

air conditioning repair