Moving in with new people

I have been living with my bestie for about a year now and my pal and I both agree that things aren’t working out, but we decided to end our relationship because my pal and I couldn’t agree on most troubles.

However,that is not the point of the story; Since I am no longer living with my bestie I had to find new roommates pretty hastily. I found two girls online that were looking for a second roommate, so it seemed like it would be a good living situation. However, I was not prepared for what I walked into on that first day, and these girls were so nice and the cabin was perfectly clean. The air quality is the cabin was good too. I asked about the air quality immediately because it felt like I was breathing fresh air inside the house. Turns out one of the girls dad’s obtained an media air cleaner for the cabin because she had terrible flu symptoms… Once the media air cleaner was installed her flu symptoms went away, then before I moved into this house, I had never heard of an media air cleaner however I don’t know how I am going to live in another cabin without one, an media air cleaner is such a luxury that I didn’t know I was missing in life. I am going to have to talk with her dad because I need to know the exact brand she got because I know this is the best invention of all time.
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