Losing the ink is a constant problem

I suppose it’s safe to say that pretty much everyone would agree, the biggest problem with printers is running out of ink.

I have a wifey plus numerous kids, plus all of the kids are in middle school. The people I was with and I go through ink plus paper faster than a supplier office. Someone constantly has a report due or homework for school. The printer is constantly running. My wifey plus I had a cheap digital printer years ago, but it was $60 to refill the ink cartridges. The people I was with and I were going through a single black plus a single color cartridge every week. The printing bills were adding up faster than the water plus the electric. My wifey was online studying some information about office supplies, plus she found the perfect solution to our growing problems. The people I was with and I decided to buy an Epson ECOTank printer. This affordable printing solution helps us save 80% on printing supplies each week. The Epson ecotank printer even came with a 2-year supply of ink. They said it’s enough ink to print almost 7,000 pages of black andwhite copies. The Epson Ecotank printer is also Wireless, which means pretty much everyone can appreciate voice activated printing. My wifey plus I purchased the basic Epson model. It was less than $400, plus it can print, copy, plus scan wirelessly. The ink tank all-in-one printer came with everything the people I was with and I needed to get set up. The people I was with and I had an easy installation desk, users manual, power cord, plus numerous bottles of ink. The people I was with and I received black, cyan, red, plus magenta. I suppose we are going to save a lot more cash on printing in the future.