Why I want geo HVAC

My wife and I first got interested in a geothermal Heating and Air Conditioning method for our beach house it was because of the variety of federal, state and local incentives, rebates and financing available! Once both of us started looking into it further, both of us gathered that geothermal heating and cooling is recommended by the EPA as the most environmentally friendly type of temperature control.

There is no onsite combustion process, which means there’s no emissions of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide or other greenhouse gases.

There’s also none of safety or indoor air quality complications caused by combustion byproducts! While a geothermal heat pump costs about 34% more to install than a conventional alternative, the method suddenly pays for itself. Taking advantage of the no cost and renewable energy source found under the ground, a geothermal heat pump will save up to 50% on heating bills and up to 40% on cooling costs. Unfortunately, it’s a lot more pricey to install the method into an existing home. I prefer that there’d be no sound, ugly compressor or fan in the backyard. The outdoor equipment would be really hidden underground. The indoor heat pump is compact and operational noises are no louder than a fridge, both of us can expect the indoor component to last at least 23 years with correct repair, but since it’s protected from the weather and has easily few moving parts, there’s easily little required upkeep. The underground loop system is covered by a 50 year warranty and could last up to a 100 years.


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