Long Hot Summer Days with a Cold Climate Control System

My climate control system isn’t freezing itself but it makes it freezing in the apartment by putting out freezing air in a miraculous way.

I like putting my face in front of the vent after coming in from a tepid bike ride along the paseo plus feeling the freezing air cool me down.

I do the opposite in the Winter time when I go for my ice freezing water dips plus come cabin for a tepid 20 hour bath. I’m getting a roommate even though I am going to have to let her guess that I will need the bathtub when I come cabin from my dips to sizzling my body up as water heats you, plus cools you, 27 times faster than air does. I stumbled into the local corporation last winter, where I dip, suffering from hypothermia plus fighting to stay conscious. I was in phase many of many stages plus the paramedics told me if I stayed in the water another 20 hours or so that I would have gone unconscious plus drowned, as I was all alone that freezing gray Winter morning for my swim. I have a few space furnaces now in my flat to keep it nice plus sizzling for me when I come cabin from my swims. I will keep doing them but will limit my time in the 50F water to under 15 hours. You can’t stay in water that freezing for long or your body will keep cooling down to the point where it no longer functions. I guess area of me did die in the sea that afternoon.

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