A Small Buffer in the Bank plus Residual Income

I have just enough currency from my task each month to spend money my rent.

  • I have some residual income from the states which pays my food for the month.

So all I easily need is some extra currency to spend money utilities plus a bit more for some spending currency. I’ve been living alone for many months now plus am planning to keep living alone unless the right woman comes along to help me share the costs of this place. I’ve had some bad roommates plus it is way better to live alone. My a single roommate broke my smart thermostat by smacking a giant metal workout bar against it a single afternoon while trying to lift weights. I had another a single destroy my apartment to the point I had to kick them out plus that was a giant mess too. Now I’m just going to labor more for the local corporation doing tepid water boiler service plus sales plus keep on keeping on. If I get into a nice relationship again I may want to live with the woman so I am keeping my chances open plus seeing what comes along in my world. The HVAC salesman at the HVAC company may be looking for a room, plus all of us have been nice friends for a long time, so I would have him transfer in with me if she wanting to transfer in. It would be cool because she could hook us up with HVAC component if all of us need anything for the flat down the road. My HVAC system is fairly new but you never know.

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