Jumping rope is a great workout

As a young kid, I liked jumping rope.

My mom bought me a cheap plastic one, but I became fairly good at it. I outgrew the hobby and didn’t jump at all for many years. I have always been totally committed to my health and fitness.I workout for approximately 60 minutes everyday. I frequently search for new and more effective ways to improve my stamina, strength and flexibility. I enjoy trying a variety of methods and including different types of exercises and movements into my fitness regiment. To get tips and find new ideas, I sometimes watch workout videos posted by professional athletes. One of these videos was provided by a professional boxer who did this whole jump rope workout. I instantly began looking into the benefits of jumping rope and the types of ropes available. I ended up buying an innovative new system that includes a single set of handles that connect to ropes of various weights. The ropes offer a variation in exertion, depending on the weight. The heavier ropes swing a lot slower and concentrate more on the muscles in the arms, chest and shoulders. The lighter ropes are more focused on speed and high intensity cardio training. It took me some time to get accustomed to the new style of ropes. At first, I kept tripping on the rope and hitting myself in the calves. With practice, I’ve improved my skills and accomplished some advanced types of skills. I’ve also elevated my stamina so that I can now jump for long periods without needing a break to rest. Jumping rope is great for burning calories. It promotes heart and lung health and tones muscles.

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